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Book In Barcelona was set up by a team of avid travellers.

For the past twenty years, our team has scoured the world, looking for the best and most surprising places to visit, for personal and professional purposes. Barcelona has now been our base for over a decade, and we have become ‘living guides’ of the city, offering tips and recommendations to our friends and their friends…and this grew into a business. We create unique itineraries for individuals and companies.

We are a very diverse team comprised of food and wine connoisseurs, shopaholics, art lovers, sport enthusiasts…Our interests are so broad there is virtually nothing you can ask us that we haven’t tried before. There is no brief that is out of our scope: we can organise business trips for 200 people as well as the perfect romantic itinerary for a couple's anniversary.

We have a network of experts across Barcelona that will help find the right solution for you whether you are looking to impress your clients, planning a company trip or a fun weekend with your friends. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our personal touch. We have built over the years strong relationships with all our suppliers and we make sure they offer the best level of service.

Regardless of your budget or the purpose of your trip we will find the perfect solution for you. We set up Boka Barcelona because we are passionate about travel and we want to share our passion with our customers and help them have life-long memories of Barcelona.

Our business is based on recommendations. That’s how we started and we know it is the key of our success.

So don’t be shy, contact us. We’ll be happy to organize your next trip to Barcelona.

Contact details:

Our office is open from 7am to 7pm Central European time

Book In Barcelona

Calle Tusset 25, 4a
08006 Barcelona

Spain: +34 93 164 06 22


For groups over 20 people, please send to: