Terms and conditions for Book In Barcelona

As a customer of Book In Barcelona, you can always rest assured that all your contact information remains confidential with us. Our rules are simple, once you have paid your reservation; your travel planning is sent to the email you specified in the booking inquiry. Once you have the information document, you´re set - the only thing you have to think about is arriving to the reservation(s), at the right time. If you are unable to make it, please let us know ASAP and we will cancel the reservation, with no cost to you. When your travel plan is sent we are not liable for any repayments to customers. If bookings are missed or if any one or all of the travelers cannot attend, the booking becomes your responsibility. Our planning fee is a one-time payment and non-refundable. BokaBarcelona is not responsible for any incidents or accidents that might happen during the trip, but we are happy to be there for you and help provide information on how to best resolve any situation.

No agent, employee or representative of Book In Barcelona has the right to deviate from the requirements of the laws and regulations to which the company operates. BokaBarcelona reserves the right to update or change reservations, in the best interest of our customers, if unexpected or unforeseen changes occur. Any changes in time schedules or locations will be notified immediately by email and/or via a phone call or SMS to the number specified in the reservation.